Rituals for Relaxation

During stressful times, it is a good idea to develop rituals for relaxation. Tea is one way to combat stress and anxiety.  The simple act of preparing tea and then drinking, helps your mind to focus on one thing, 

Give yourself 10 minutes a day to prepare a relaxing cup of tea.  Be mindful of each element of crafting the perfect cup.  When it is done steeping, allow it to engage your senses.  Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands.  Inhale and smell the delicious aroma.  Take a moment to savor the first sips of tea.

Savor the warmth that the tea gives you, inside and out.  Appreciate having a moment of quiet reflection and be thankful for all that you have.


Some relaxing tea recommendations from Steep:


Serenity - Herbal Tea

March 28, 2020 — Jean Liptay